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Guarding Services: - QATAR SECURITY CO.

We are committed to offer reliable cost effective security services to our customers. Developing and motivating our personnel to give their best, dedicated service will fulfill this commitment. The service offered by us will be a bench mark service. As the local leader in the Security industry, QTR-S continues to grow and expand its position by constantly analyzing and updating existing procedures with the most recent technological advances in all relevant aspects of management, supervision, screening, testing and background investigation. We ensure the use of the most up to date tools and equipment, including hardware, software and communications. Our trained officers meet your special security needs. We provide services to a wide range of customers:

  • High-rise office buildings
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public Transportation Agencies
  • Condominium Communities & Apartment Complexes
  • City and country Government
  • Shopping Centre
  • Special Events
  • Medical facilities
  • Education facilities
  • Manufacturing/industrial

Your Total Security Solutions
Our services include:
Guarding Services - provision of permanent, dedicated, unarmed guards, fully responsible for the security of single or multiple locations.
Technical Services - designing, supply, installation and maintenance of security, fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems.
Training Services - We offer well-designed courses on Security and risk management, as well as customized training capsules for clients.

Static Guarding
This service is designed to meet the needs of each contract and the security risks involved, whether at a factory gate, an office reception desk, a hotel check-in hall, a financial institution or an embassy reception desk. Uniformed, trained security guards are usually based permanently on the customer's premises. Their duties may involve the central monitoring of security systems as well as extensive rounds of inspection at intervals during day and night.

Total Plant Protection It provides round the clock security and surveillance, involving a totally integrated fire, safety monitoring and security services by guards on site. The service includes 24 hours monitoring of alarms and other information systems, such as air conditioning, temperature and process gauges, as well as out-of-hours attention to telephones and fax machines. Urgent messages are handled and transferred to designated staff and internal and external mails are distributed. Fire prevention and first aid services are among the main other duties our guard perform.

Cleaning Services: - AL GHROUP CLEANING - Office and Corporate Cleaning

We always take an individual approach, adapting our cleaning services to suit our clients business, from hospitals and hotels to schools, shops and Commercial Centers Wherever we work, we are always open to new methods that will enhance our services, while reducing our environmental impact.

Over the years, we have selected our cleaning services team for their attitude, service-levels and reliability. And their work is continually monitored to ensure it meets our customers' needs and our own exacti ng standards.

Our company includes janitorial cleaning, commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, hotels and hospitals cleaning, high rise windows cleaning, marble floor crystallization, carpet care, pest control, fumigation.

As a fully licensed, insured, bonded and certified business, we make sure that your expectations from our reputation and work will be met and surpassed. Services are provided seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day if so needed! AI- Ghroup Cleaning commits to excellence, honesty, reliability, quality and savings. These are the virtues that describe AI- Ghroup Cleaning Services and we have the credentials to prove it. We are licensed in the state of Qatar.

It is our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction that has enabled us to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

Cleaning Services
Building cleanliness is a critical business issue. How well a facility is maintained affects tenant health, customer satisfaction and corporate image. Moreover, it can have a dramatic effect on the service life of building surfaces and equipment. AI- Ghroup Cleaning understands these needs and has developed efficient, flexible cleaning services, which improve appearance, protects wear and tear, controls costs. AGC has the infrastructure and financial strength to meet your most demanding cleaning needs.

We can always design efficient cleaning programs that are customized to your needs and deliver maximum value for you.

Our dedication to quality and service ensures that your expectations are not only met but also exceeded day to day. Our staff is trained full-time by professionals who dedicate their expertise and experience to our team and it is supervised by highly qualified and trained graduates in environmental, social and natural science to ensure strict adherence to our quality assurance program. New members must undergo training before they can work on their own.

We provide service to a wide range of customers:

  • Office cleaning
  • Shopping malls cleaning
  • Medical facilities cleaning
  • Hotel cleaning
  • Event facilities cleaning
  • School and university cleaning

Service Types
AI- Ghroup Cleaning provides 3 types of services, as follows:

  • A Type services: Activities are done by AGC throughout 24 hours 7 days.
  • B Type Services: Activities are done by AGC during working hours
  • C Type Services: Activities are done by AGC in predefined time intervals or anytime in emergency conditions.

Hospitality Services: - QATAR GATE HOSPITALITY

We provide professional, well groomed and well trained office boys, tea boys, waiters and stewards, kitchen helpers, who have strong background in the hospitality industry and extensive experience in worki ng in cateri ng and any type of event.

Throughout our housekeeping and hotel services we take a flexible approach, working with you and your team to meet your business requirements. It's our aim to take care of all the important housekeeping details, leaving you free to focus on your business and your guests.

Catering Services
Qatar Gate Hospitality offers a range of catering services to clients for special events in Qatar. Catering is renowned for our commitment to quality and service. As a caterer, we use nothing but the best catering specialized festive atmosphere for any event and bringing fabulous personnel service to our clients.

Servicing is what we know the best
As Qatar Gate Hospitality, we have a thorough standing servicing culture. Everything we do is designed to meet your requirements, to perform up to your expectations. Our proficiency is based on:

  • Facility Management and Operations
  • Maintenance and Technical Operations
  • Security and Guarding Services
  • Industrial cleaning Services
  • Catering Services

Qatar Gate Hospitality reduces your

risk while choosing a partner to your business. We are offering a secure environment for choosing the best selection with our experience, financial strength and technical background.

Our experience, which is based on long years in the sector, includes:

  • Wide service range
  • International and local service network
  • Strong supervision infrastructure
  • Effective reporting and monitoring system
  • Flexibility
  • Our customer satisfaction policy

Manpower Services

Manpower Agency is a licensed recruitment agency approved by the governments of the countries it operates in. In Doha, we work very closely to many manpower agencies for quality labor, which will meet the demands of the local market.

We have an extensive pooling of manpower reserve from which Human Resources requirements could be steadily drawn to meet the demand of its clients.

We are a fast growing agency with a dynamic group of highly qualified professionals who were trained to meet all the requirements of our customers.

As a recruiting agency, we offer a personal and professional service to all our clients, ensuring that we meet their immediate and future requirements.

We value human resource.....
We create value, thus we gain value each day.

There is always a human brain in the centre of this vision. Our vision also plays a major role in shaping our policies on Human Resources. The management and employees of QTR-S consist of experienced personnel in the sector.

The experience gained from having worked in leading companies worldwide and the corporate relationships established through this process is one of the main elements that contribute to our continuous performance. As QTR-S, we establish a platform through the creative and innovative environment we have formed and the sponsored education and training programs that we apply for continuous development. Thus, we add experienced, innovative, talented and motivated employees. This is the magic of providing our customers the best solutions by meeting their expectations at all times.

SAPSCO Maintenance Services

SAPSCO Group has international experience and proficient services in engineering and human resources management. SAPSCO, which is the extension of SAPSCO Group is a bridge in transferring SAPSCO group's 3 years old international experience about design engineering, contracting, maintenance and operations of electrical, electronics, electro-mechanical, industrial systems and IT & Telecommunications.

SAPSCO's goal is to form an engineering and technology platform in Qatar with its qualified personnel having international experience. SAPSCO has a great importance in SAPSCO Group future plans due to its strategies and goal, acting as a business hub in the Gulf Countries.

Service Types:
A Type Services: Maintenance & Operation Activities are managed by the staff 24 hours/7 days available the Plant. The maintenance and operations of all the systems available in the plant are done by the staff in a professional manner.

B Type Services: Maintenance & operation activities are managed by the staff in working hours available in the Plant. The emergency problems (unplanned events) occurring in external hours are solved by the staff who will arrive to the plant in predefined time intervals.

C Type Services: Maintenance & operation activities are managed

by the SAPSCO staff, which will be available in the Plant periodically in predefined time intervals or anytime in emergency conditions.

Our Proficiency: SAPSCO provides the best in the following systems:

  • High Voltage and Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Building Management and Scada Automation System
  • Generators, UPS and Automation Systems
  • Electrical Motors and Driver System
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting Systems and Apron Lighting Systems
  • Low Current and Security Systems(CCTV, Access Control and X-Ray Systems, Fire Alarms Systems, Public Address Systems, Intercom Systems, Master Clock Systems, Parking Systems, Integrated Security Management Systems, VDGS Systems)
  • IT, Telecom and Communication Systems
  • Chilled Water and HVAC, Fan Coil and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Piped Utilities and and Domestic and Waste Treatment Systems
  • Plumbing and Conveyor systems
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